VXT College – Empowering Workers Through Education

VXT College – Experience Skills & Work-based Education Environment

Mission: Bring the environment to develop young generations according to international standards with a commitment to high-quality vocational guidance.

Vision: Vietnam is a studious country, a platform of oriental morality, ready for a world-class development. VXT College will be a wing & an environment for students to gain a solid language and technology skills foundation, which will guide them to study in the right direction to achieve their dreams and satisfy their passion. job.

Characteristic culture:
• Enthusiastic in teaching knowledge and ethics
• Encourage creative dynamism in the learning and self-rescue environment
• Engage in competitive campaigns together with Teamwork spirit “teamwork”, collaboration and development
• Quickly familiarize and adapt international cultural and survival skills, Japanese and European communities.

The values brought to the young generation:
– Continuously creating competitions between classes and groups – to build self-study culture to deepen research and overcome passivity in modern learning.
– Create talented groups/classes for all students – to be an example for other students to follow – like a talent for talent willing to work in European and Japanese international businesses.
– Culture Learning and traveling with endless passion explores the world, language, and technology as inspiration for the younger generation.

Mission to contribute to the community:
– Pioneer in moving educational schools to leave the center oriented government
– The government policies that directly reduce tuition fees for policy students
– Create high-income jobs right after graduation reduce the social burden on employment needs
– The enterprise system under VXT Group itself is doing business very well and wants to contribute to the community through practical action to finance 100% of the investment costs for effective education and vocational education. Therefore, all activities of the school come from the heart and are not for profit purposes.

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