Who we are?


VXT Group comprises experienced businesspeople who are devoted to achieving successes – with our business partners and with the community we thrived in. For many of our contributions to the community of Vietnamese workers, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam has entrustred and licensed VXT Group to assign hard-working, highly skilled and dedicated workers from Vietnam to open positions provided by our business partners abroad.

What we do?


 The strength of VXT Group is a mixture of an effective education system that helps our prospective candiates reaching their full potential in different industries and a streamlined management system that connects the global demand with the domestic supply of labor in Vietnam. Understanding the differences in standards between countries, we equips our workforce with certified sets of techinical skills, soft skills and linguistic skills that meet the demand of a new working enviroment.


How we do it?

Having worked with tough markets like Japan, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Saudi Arabia, etc., VXT Group always listen to what our client want, and promptly respond to demands for a high-quality assembly of workers. These requirements, which might include fluency in a foreign language, translate directly to our vocational programs. Only after a rigorous process of testing, quality controlling, and ensuring that our clients are sastified with what we can provide would we finalize the contract.



Our workforce is now available to countries!


The Team


EU Relations Manager


E-mail: kiennguyenhuyvxt@gmail.com

SKYpe: kiennguyenhuy1029

Doanh Duong

Vice General Director

Long nguyen

Global Relations Director

email: longnh@vxt.vn

whatsapp +84 968 96 92 91

Long Ngo

japan relations VG director

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