The Impacts of Vietnamese Workers Abroad​ (Part 1)

As a member of the WTO, Vietnam must open up the labor market, so foreign workers entering Vietnam are free. Foreign workers who come to Vietnam to work both have an impact on development and have a negative impact.

Promote economic development
Firstly, providing high-quality human resources to contribute to improving social labor productivity, promoting rapid economic growth.

As a developing country, Vietnam is facing the fact that there is a shortage of highly qualified human resources in some national economic sectors. Especially the group of technicians in a number of technical and economic sectors, and senior administrators at the enterprise level as well as the sector with a serious shortage.

Vietnam became an official member of WTO to create conditions for foreign workers to work in Vietnam to help offset the shortage mentioned above. On the other hand, high-quality human resources contribute to increasing social labor productivity and thus promoting a high level of economic growth.

Secondly, create human resources to meet the needs of foreign investors in Vietnam.
Foreign investors, together with bringing high capital and technology into Vietnam, have demand for labor with corresponding qualifications. As a WTO member, high-level human resources from abroad who are free to work will create favorable conditions for foreign investors in recruiting highly qualified workers. This is also creating a favorable environment to attract foreign investment to promote economic growth.

Thirdly, create a competitive environment between Vietnamese workers and foreign workers.
In the context of the newly formed labor market, foreign workers coming to Vietnam to work will create labor supply for the market. This has motivated competitive labor in the market to contribute to improving labor quality. Through competition, employees have to improve their qualifications, professional skills and foreign languages ​​themselves. The result is to improve the quality of human resources.

Fourth, contributing to on-the-job manpower training under osmosis interaction.
When foreign workers work with Vietnamese workers, through daily contact, Vietnamese workers can learn directly about foreign languages, styles, techniques, and techniques to improve themselves and raise their level.

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